Arnold (Skip) Straus Jr. and associates formed Straus & Associates P.A.  in 2018 (formerly Straus & Eisler P.A.)  because they shared the same philosophy of practicing law:   treat the clients as part of the family, and they will remain clients for life.    Through hard work and tenacious devotion to their clients, they have  developed  a full-service general practice firm as described on these pages. 


We listen.

Have you ever gone to a professional, and walked away thinking, "He really did not understand my situation?" Skip and associates are good listeners; we want to hear the facts, your opinions, and learn about your circumstances, so that we can thoroughly evaluate your legal needs.

We determine the most prudent course of action with the client.

Once your legal needs have been evaluated, we jointly determine a course of action, and discuss your expectations and goals. We will work zealously on your behalf to accomplish the desired objectives, but, we will be realistic. Too many attorneys "over-promise" results which are not achievable.

We are workaholics.

Oh yes, we are proud of that attribute. Skip and associates will work on your matters tirelessly, and we are accessible almost 24/7. While our wives insist that we get some sleep, we each bury our cell phone under the pillow to check for your e-mails. Seriously, we respond as promptly as reasonably possible, on weekends, and after normal business hours.

We use our experience.

We are general practitioners, with a combined 55 years of experience in a variety of practice areas. This breadth is our strength, providing us with the ability to resolve tough, complex issues as well as address day-to-day practical concerns. We can offer our clients the capabilities of a mid-size firm, with the responsiveness of a small firm.

We believe in value billing.

Unlike most attorneys, we do not live solely by the hourly rate. Frankly, we believe that this method of compensation inhibits free discourse with our clients. Our fees are determined by the level of our experience, the complexity of the case, and the monetary value of the matter. We will use a combination of the hourly fees, flat fees, and in some cases, contingencies. Our primary goal is to ensure that you, the client, receive good value from Straus & Associates P.A. based upon fair and reasonable fees.

We are proud of our work ethic, our staff, and our clients, with whom we have built long-lasting relationships. Let us put our talents to work for you.